Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Getting to the root of your Adrenal Fatigue and Energy Issues!

Are You Always Tired? Lacking Energy To Get Through the Day? Waking up tired every morning, with little to no energy and appetite?

If you happened to answer yes to any of the above questions (or worse, to “yes” to all of them), then a great likelihood exists that your adrenal glands are under-performing.

When the adrenals glads begin to fatigue, because of all the stress that the your body endures on a day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year basis, then these stress fighting glands “supply” can no longer keep up with “demand”.

So let’s talk a little about the supply and demand of stress that occurs on and to the body, so we can ultimately learn how to recover to adrenal fatigue.

There are different stages of something called “Adrenal Insufficiency”, with the last and final stage being outright “Adrenal Fatigue”.

Depending on what stage you are in adrenal insufficiency will depend on how long your body has been under its stress response, otherwise known as “demand, and how well your adrenal glands are able to produce their hormones to deal with stress, and ultimately how well your adrenal glands are replenishing their supply.

You see, these little walnut sized glands that sit on top of the kidneys are responsible for three main functions with the different type of hormones that they release.

These adrenal glands are responsible for maintaining optimal fluid/mineral balance of the blood, are responsible for maintaining sugar levels in the blood stream, and produce hormones that help with repair and regeneration.

So, as an example, when you go for a long period of time not having anything to drink or eat, your body sees this as a very stressful event. It will release different hormones to help maintain your bodies natural homeostasis (or healthy environment).

However, your adrenal glands are also responsible to handle all the other stress that is placed on your body. Think of a very stressful event such as finances, loans, bills, in-laws, parents, children, spouses, bosses, teachers, deadlines, and all the other stressors that you encounter on a daily basis.

All of those are easily identifiable. Sadly, all of these are experienced to varying degrees, day in day out.

However, other things that can stress the adrenal glands are also experienced on a daily basis that aren’t easily identifiable. Things like low grade infections such as a virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus, mycotoxin, mold, and heavy metal toxicity.

Food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, potato, yeast, rice, and many other inflammatory type foods can also drain your adrenal glands without you even realizing.

What up all the other environmental exposures that you come in contact with frequently. Chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, plastics, other metals, and even electromagnetic radiation like cell phones and wifi.

All of these can also create inflammation in your body day in day.

What is the result? The demand to deal with stress that is being placed on your body begins to exceed the supply needed to deal with stress.

Simply put…the adrenal glands begin to fatigue.

Over time, you develop adrenal fatigue. And because the adrenal glands are related strongly to your circadian rhythms (your built-in time clock) your body own clock starts breaking down.

This means you wake up tired, have very little energy though out the day, and don’t feel tired (but wired) when it’s time to hit the pillow at night.

As well, people who develop adrenal fatigue also develop “brain-fog”. This is because the Hippocampus, the area of the brain that regulates the circadian clock, is also responsible for memories.

The good news, there are things we can do to help these issues.

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